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Kopila Valley Journal


December 23, 2008

Middle School Days

I've slowly learned that it's important to share our stories and our truths- that our stories make us human, and real, and tie us together and that we have to keep telling them. 

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December 16, 2008

We Are The Future

We have some work to do in this world, and I'm now more confident than ever that we can do it, we will do it, and we'll do it together.  We can change the world.

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December 08, 2008


A big thank you to children of The Willow School and Carol Fontaine's class for your warm welcome, generous fundraising, and the beautiful school community you've created.

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December 04, 2008

One Week Home

When I come home there are always all these feelings that swirl up inside me. At first, I keep thinking about the kids and what they're doing, if they're okay. 

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December 03, 2008

Latest From London!

I talked to Juntara on the phone this morning and she sounded really really happy and comfortable. Thanks so much for keeping Juntara in your prayers. This is just amazing and I am really, really grateful.

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