BlinkNow Partnerships

BlinkNow Partnerships
Partnerships have always been vital for our organization. We depend on partnerships to share our story and supplement traditional donations.

Here are a few ways to partner with BlinkNow:

Support our operations and programs so we can continue our work in Nepal:

  • Corporate Gift
  • Percentage of Sale
  • Matching
  • Support Operations

Encourage your employees to support an organization that works to empower Nepal's children:

  • Employee Fundraising
  • Customer Fundraising
  • Community Outreach

Help us by sharing our story and vision to live in a world where all children are educated safe and loved:

  • Media Support
  • Gifted Social Media
  • Event Integration

Because we receive so many partnership inquiries, it’s important for us to closely vet all potential partnerships to make sure they are three things:

  1. In alignment with our mission
  2. Beneficial to our organization
  3. Self sustaining

If you feel your partnership inquiry is a fit for BlinkNow, please submit a partnership request form below. Your request will be vetted by BlinkNow staff and, within 1-3 weeks, we will let you know if we plan to pursue the partnership or not. Please note that filling out a partnership request form does not automatically guarantee a partnership with our organization.

Our most successful partnerships are mutually beneficial and support us in our mission to empower the children of Nepal. One partnership we like to highlight is Case Logic.

Partner Highlight: Case Logic

Case Logic has been our partner for several years, and initially came to us with a desire to donate backpacks to our students in Nepal. Because we refrain from accepting in-kind gifts due to the difficulty of shipping items to Nepal and complying with customs regulations, we arranged for them to make a financial donation instead. A gift from Case Logic allowed us to purchase backpacks for our students from stores in Surkhet, Nepal, giving us an opportunity to stimulate the local economy.

When filling out your partnership request form, please consider some of our immediate needs.

We are currently in need of the following:

  • Airline miles, tickets, and business class upgrades for staff members to fly internationally
  • Software licensing for programs like Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft, Lumen5
  • Influencer partnerships that allow us to share our story with new audiences
  • Media partnerships that help us to discuss our mission and vision for a better world
  • Fundraisers that help us to support our projects in Nepal

We support partnerships by providing creative assets like logos, photos, and videos, so their marketing can properly share the BlinkNow story. We can also provide public data about our organization.

Thank you for thinking of BlinkNow for a partnership and please let us know if you have any questions about your submission.

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