Listen to Maggie tell her story in her own words. Here are some of our favorite videos!

BlinkNow: Our Story
Produced in 2018 (3:32 minutes)


My Ten Year Journey: BlinkNow
Produced in 2017 (4:53 minutes)


Global Citizen: Maggie Doyne
Produced in 2017 (2:23 minutes)


Love Letters For My Children: the Maggie Doyne Story
Produced in 2017 (4:32 minutes)


BlinkNow: Change the world, in the blink of an eye!
Produced in 2015 (2:15 minutes)


CNN Hero Maggie Doyne
Produced by CNN Heroes in 2015 (1:50 minutes)


The Maggie Doyne Story
Produced by FreeSpiritChannel in 2010 (10:04 minutes)


Maggie Doyne: Why the human family can do better
Produced by the Do Lectures in 2010 (24:24 minutes)


Social Disruptors: Maggie Doyne
Produced by Forbes in 2012 (7:40 minutes)


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