Futures Program

Preparing young adults for life beyond our walls

 Living Independently



As parents, we make sure that all of our Kopila Buds are ready to leave our home prepared with the life skills necessary to be healthy, thriving, compassionate young adults. Our transitional housing program prepares our young adults for life outside the home. We give our buds classes and practical lessons in personal finance, sexual health, time management, and conflict resolution to name a few. Working together with them in regular individual and group counseling sessions, we assess when a student is ready to transition out of our home. While remaining a part of our family and returning home for birthdays and holidays, the students live in their own flats in the valley, preparing all their own meals and managing their own finances.

 Our Counseling Team


Our students are usually the first in their home to complete primary education, so it’s vital that school be a place where their professional and personal development needs can be met. After 10 class, our students decide to continue on a vocational or academic track. Our career counseling department mandates a two year professional and personal development workshop series, with students working on writing assignments and career research projects and coming to monthly sessions on topics like resume writing and interpersonal communication. We provide intensive individual and group counseling to our students during 11 and 12th grade to help them figure out their next steps.

 Futures Scholars


We provide no interest loans to some of our students to help them keep dreaming big. These students can choose to continue their studies with vocational training or undergraduate studies. They are the next generation of leaders who will bring great change to Nepal.


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