Our Mission

“If we all had the attitude that we can do anything, that we can be anything, if we follow our dreams and our hearts…we can change the world.” - Maggie Doyne

The challenges facing the children and women of Surkhet are complex. Every day brings new stories of struggle. Together, we are working to change this reality and create an everyday that brings stories of opportunity and hope. To achieve this, we are building a community filled with care and love, education and healthcare, empowerment and sustainability.

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Aliza at Kopila Valley School
Sherry Sutton Photography

Our mission: changing the world by empowering Nepal's children. We do this by providing quality education, a safe environment, and through inspiring others.

Our vision: a world where every child is safe, educated, and loved.

Every day we strive to create a sustainable organization working to educate all of Kopila’s children until they are ready to enter the world as happy, skilled, confident, self-sufficient, and English-speaking adults. We believe we can serve as a model for quality education in Nepal. We will strive to provide our children with scholarships (should they choose to pursue higher education), and the skills required to enter the workforce.

We place a huge emphasis on working together with our local community, conducting programs and providing scholarships for girls and socially vulnerable young women, thereby encouraging women’s empowerment and gender equality. We offer vocational training skills to develop self-sufficiency including sewing, cooking, gardening, husbandry, computer skills, business, and entrepreneurial skills. These skills not only benefit our home and school by providing locally grown food and locally made uniforms, but also benefit the community.


We believe that by sharing our story and engaging in a broader conversation with our global community, we will help to inspire and encourage people everywhere to take action, find solutions to global poverty and work to create a better world. We believe that in the blink of an eye we can all make a difference.



  • A loving home for our children
  • Literacy and Education
  • Reduction of Poverty
  • Social Justice
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Rural Development
  • Global Sustainability


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Our organization operates at the grassroots level of community and focuses on promoting sustainability and self-reliance in everything that we do. This organization will not offer the band-aid solution or quick fix money to individuals. We believe that if given the proper tools and initiatives, people and communities anywhere in the world can raise themselves out of poverty. We will focus on building and growing the communities we work within by implementing programs that reach the poorest and benefit the whole.


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