Faces of BlinkNow: Rosna

Friday, March 23, 2018

In a few months, we will be celebrating the 5th year anniversary of our Women's Center training program! Where has time gone?! We want to take a moment to appreciate this incredible woman, who has spent the past three years working at the Center and dedicating herself to the women. We sat down with Rosna and asked her about her experience watching the Center grow over the past few years. 

"What makes me feel good about working here is seeing the women's smiling faces and feeling like we are impacting lives. Comparing the women now to when they first joined the Women's Center, they have increased their self-confidence and have created their own identities. I never thought that I would be a leader for a group of women, but that's what I am doing now. I believe we are changing lives here." - Rosna, Women's Center Program Officer

On behalf of the Women's Center team and all of the women training there, we want to take this time to thank all of you for supporting our center and believing in the importance of empowering women.

P.S. Have you seen our new Women's Center video?


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