Chhaupadi and Change

Thursday, January 17, 2019

We're saddened to hear about the news story from western Nepal of yet another tragedy as a result of chhaupadi. A woman and her children in suffocated from smoke inhalation while trying to stay warm in their unventilated hut. When this practice is followed, women and girls must sleep in a hut outside their family home while menstruating because they are considered to be unclean. They are also forbidden to touch other people, certain foods, or even books. It's an even harsher practice during the cold winter months. While chhaupadi is now illegal, it is still experienced in many parts of Nepal.

Hard at work!

At Kopila Valley, we are committed to keeping our girls safe. Our Girls' Club regularly educates their peers about the practice of chhaupadi and the importance of menstrual health. Each girl is also given a reusable maxi kit made by our Women's Center trainees. These photos are from a recent workshop that the women's center trainees led at our school, teaching our female students how to make their own maxi kit. Here's to supporting our next generation of healthy, safe, and empowered girls.⠀



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