A Letter to My Children

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Photo credit: Jeremy Regimbal/MPWR Change

By Maggie Doyne

I envision a world for you to grow up in where children are safe, where they don’t have to worry constantly about basic needs. Where good people from around the world join forces to protect you and cherish you as sacred, as our world’s most valuable resource, which is exactly what you are.

I dream of a world where you can dream big dreams and I can watch them come true.

I envision a world for you with forests, where you can feel the sun glimmering through the trees and breathe that fresh outdoor air.

I picture a world with clean water for you to drink from the faucet without having to worry about getting sick. With clean rivers for you to swim in and sandy banks for you to build your forts on and sleep under the clear sky of stars.

A dream for my children...Photo credit: Jeremy Regimbal/MPWR Change

I dream of a world where your childhood is preserved, where you’re not forced to grow up too soon, where you can laugh and play and skip all day. I see kites and swings and marbles and endless games of hide-and-seek for you.

I dream of healthy food for us to grow and for you to eat. I dream of a world where we value and support the farmer and their diversified crops. Vegetables for you to harvest and fruit growing on trees for you to pick and toss down. I dream of a world free of chemicals and pesticides poisoning our bodies and our natural world.

I dream of a world without violence and the constant threat of it, without the army marching on the streets with weapons every day. Where your vote matters and you use it to vote for a candidate who believes in your dreams and believes in peace. Where you can be that candidate. Where your values drive your beliefs and government policy.

The world I envision for you...Photo credit: Jeremy Regimbal/MPWR Change

I envision a world in which you can marry who you want when you want to. Where it’s okay if you don’t get it just right the first time and need a re-do or two. Every relationship of every kind comes with lessons and learning. As long as you are learning, you are living. Don’t stop learning. I envision a world that accepts our vulnerability and space to make mistakes.

I dream of a world that cares for its weak, its sick, its handicapped, its widowed, its orphaned, its vulnerable. And a world where love rules. Love of all kinds.

Join us this #GivingTuesday to ensure every child is safe, educated, and loved: www.blinknow.org/giving-tuesday



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