Letter #19 (50 Love Letters)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Dear D,

This is my all time favorite picture of you. I love your eyes and how soft and kind they are. It captures your essence, my sweet, caring, beautiful boy.

You love to cook and bake and make things in the kitchen and I always get to be the first to taste test and try all of your creations. Your chocolate cakes are my favorite. We all call you the chef of our family. You take over pizza night too. Can we have pizza night again soon? I dream of you running a five star restaurant some day and inviting me to go to dinner and the waiter saying, "This is a special dish from the chef." And then you would come out and surprise me wearing a tall white hat. Or you can just keep cooking for fun too.

You are good at so many things. You can seriously be anything and do anything you put your mind to. You have everything you need inside of you. You work so hard in school, you love nature, you're helpful, and thoughtful, and creative and really strong. In our family you are a rock solid brother. I admire how kind you are to everyone. You've always got everyone's back. You are also really honest. Whenever there's mischief with you boys I feel like I go to you to get the real story.

I love when we read together and go for walks and when you tell me stories about your day. I've loved watching you learn to ride a bike, and swim and grow. You grew so much this year I've had to do a double take every time I see you. I'm always here for you and I love you so much. Soooo much. Never forget how wonderful you are. Never forget how much I love you. More than all the stars, planets, and matter in the universe. Got that? 

Love, Mom 
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