Our New School Campus

Our New School Campus

We're building the brand new school campus of our dreams! Imagine a school that is built from the earth. It's set in the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas in mid-western Nepal. Fruit trees and a quiet stream greet the students and staff every morning. Modern classrooms are strengthened by centuries-old architectural techniques.

This school will feature the latest innovations in green development and will be a model of sustainable building practices for the developing world. We're working side by side with local surveyors, civil engineers, architects, and construction teams to build something truly unique with local resources and sustainable design. Our school will feature energy efficient techniques that work with Nepal's climate and geology to overcome the region's challenges.

A model of sustainable building practices for the developing world.

The new Kopila Valley School will have 20 classrooms for 500 students from pre-primary through 12th grade. With an innovative curriculum and a school surrounded by a vocational farm, Kopila Valley can become a model for other schools and help raise the standard of education in the region. This school will cultivate a generation of compassionate citizens who will bring innovative ideas and positive development to Nepal.

The devastating earthquake in April 2015 destroyed 5,000 schools across Nepal, in addition to homes, hospitals, and infrastructure. It became apparent that we needed a model for creating safe, lasting new structures using sustainable construction practices. We believe our school will serve as a model for global change.

The rammed earth classrooms now have windows!

This will be the most innovative rammed earth school campus in the world. The thick earthen walls provide incredible strength and cooler temperatures in the baking summer heat. The ecologically responsible features of the school will minimize our harmful impact on the planet. The systems include rainwater harvesting, wastewater treatment, biogas, solar cooking, solar power, and sustainable land management.

The new Kopila Valley School will provide space for our students to learn, grow, and thrive. It will help them become the future changemakers and leaders of Nepal. Stay tuned for more information, and read about the latest update in the Kopila Journal.