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I created The BlinkNow Foundation, as a vehicle to share my ideas with other young people, especially children in the U.S. I believe that in the blink of an eye, we can all make a difference. —Maggie Doyne 

BlinkNow is a grass-roots organization working to empower young people to become pioneers in developing their own solutions to world poverty. The organization targets under-developed, war-torn countries where extreme poverty exists. These nations have high rates of illiteracy, disease, child labor, and unstable governments, thus making them the prime focus for our organization. The organization has established its initial project in Nepal, Kopila Valley Children’s Home.

ValuesMaggie Doyne: I created The BlinkNow Foundation as a vehicle to share my ideas with other young people, especially children in the U.S. I believe that in the blink of an eye, we can all make a difference.

  • Rural Development
  • Literacy and Education
  • Reduction of Poverty
  • Social Justice
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Global Sustainability

Our Philosophy

We believe that to solve any problem one must reach the source. Our organization operates at the grassroots level of community and focuses on promoting sustainability and self reliance in everything that we do. This organization will not offer the band-aid solution or quick fix money to individuals. We believe that if given the proper tools and initiatives, people and communities anywhere in the world can raise themselves out of poverty. We will focus on building and growing the communities we work within as a whole, by implementing programs that reach the poorest and benefit the whole.


“People can change their own lives, provided they have the right kind of support. They're not asking for charity, charity is no solution to poverty. Poverty is the creation of opportunities like everybody else has, not the poor people, so bring them to the poor people, so that they can change their lives.”- Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Award Winner 2006

High School and University Students

Interested in studying, volunteering, having an internship or group travel experience abroad? Check out the different programs offered around the world, different options, many for college credit, or paid internships.

Carpe Diem International Education
Interim Programs
Where There Be Dragons
Global Routes

Successful Projects Started by Young People

Craig Kielberger - Free the Children Campaign against Child Labor
Alexandra Scott- Alex’s Lemonade Stand
Elizabeth Sholtys- Ashraya Initiative Home For Children of India
Ellen Rosenberg- Chosa Project in South Africa