Wish List

Wish List

Our wish list is the place where we dare to dream and where you can make a difference in our everyday needs.

Each month we buy hundreds of bars of soap and thousands of potatoes. We buy diesel fuel to run our generators and our school bus. We buy local Nepali products and hire local Nepali employees whenever we can to strengthen this community that we love.

Each month, our greatest need is meeting these operating costs to keep our doors open and we'd love your help funding anything on the list below. You can also sign up to become one of our monthly recurring donors through our Roots program. (We've included a few of our big dream items, too!)



There's a lot that goes into providing a home for a child: food, clothing, shampoo, toothbrushes, pillows, sheets, blankets, bandaids, soccer balls, laundry soap, books, shoes, vitamins - we could go on and on! In our case, everything on that list is multiplied by 50. 

PROVIDE FOOD: Feed one child in our home for an entire year. Breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner, 365 days a year. Healthy bodies lead to healthy minds.

KEEP OUR LIGHTS ON: Provide solar power to our home for an entire year. Electricity is unreliable in our town of Surkhet. Fund our solar power backup so that our children always have access to light.




Every morning, our little yellow school bus drives through our town picking up the amazing young scholars who make Kopila Valley such a special place. We strive to meet the needs of the whole child, from serving a delicious hot lunch every day to providing life-changing role models in the form of our amazing teaching staff.

KICKSTART A CAREER: Fund a small business grant for one of our graduates. Empower our young adults to dream big and pursue an entrepreneurship venture.

SPONSOR A STUDENT: Provide a Kopila Valley School scholarship to one student for an entire year. This includes tuition, as well as transportation, warm lunch and snack, healthcare, counseling, and extracurricular activities. Change a life through holistic education.

SPONSOR A TEACHER: Support a teacher's salary for an entire year. Make an impact on an entire classroom of 30 students! 




Most of the children who attend our school do not receive health care outside of our school clinic. We treat minor bumps and bruises on a daily basis and bring in specialists for school-wide checkups on a regular basis.

KEEP A CHILD HEALTHY: Fund the healthcare of one Kopila Valley student for the entire year. This includes vaccinations, regular check-ups, and emergency care. Keep a child healthy and in school. 

SUPPORT DENTAL HYGIENE: Pay for our dental hygiene program, including all costs associated with an annual "dental camp" through our partner organization, NYU School of Dentistry. Provide our children with great dental care and treatment for any decay.




We opened the doors to our Women's Center in 2013 with the goal of providing life-changing job training and education to women in our community. The center expanded in 2014 to include a retail shop in town, staffed by graduates of our training program and stocked with their beautiful handmade products.

KEEP A ROOF OVER OUR HEADS: Support our training program by paying the rent at our Women's Center for one month. So much magic happens within these walls!

EMPOWER A WOMAN: Enroll one woman in our six-month job skills training and counseling program, where she will learn vocational skills and receive life-changing counseling support. 

PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION: Purchase a scooter for our Women's Center team, enabling them to reach more rural women and move more goods and materials. Contribute to the overall efficiency of the program. 




If we could have anything in the world to make our project better, what would it be? This is where we name the big wishes and the "What if...." wishes. Thanks in advance for helping us reach for the stars! If you'd like to purchase one of these wish list items, simply write its name in the Special Instructions section of our donation page, or send us an email today.

FUND OUR SUMMER CAMP: Provide a fun, safe, enriching summer camp-style program during the 6-week break from school every October, during Nepal's biggest festivals.

MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE: Support 40 Kopila Valley graduates with scholarships at various vocational schools, colleges, and universities in Nepal and around the globe. Enable them to make the next step in their educational paths and careers.

CLOTHE OUR STUDENTS: Provide all of our 400 Kopila students with clothing throughout the year. This includes school unifroms for summer and winter, warm pajamas, two pairs of shoes, and basic health supplies like toothbrushes.

FINISH OUR NEW SCHOOL CAMPUS: Close the gap in funding for our new, sustainable school campus by funding our Cafetorium and Admin Resource Center. Our Cafetorium is where we hold our assembly and mealtimes every single day. It's one of the most used spaces on campus! The Resource Center includes our health clinic, counseling center, main office, and teacher's lounge. Become a part of creating the greenest school in Nepal!

A NEW CAR: Pay for a third car for our home & school. Right now, our huge family shares two vehicles. A third car would give us greater freedom to run errands, pick up our weekly food supplies, and make emergency hospital visits.

SUPPORT OUR CARETAKERS: It takes a village to raise 50 children! From caretakers to aunties who help with cooking and cleaning to our security team at the front gate, each staff member ensures that our children at the home are safe, educated, and loved. Support our staff's salaries for one year. 

START OUR ENDOWMENT! Create a legacy at Kopila Valley by ensuring our home is operating for years to come. Ensure that our children always have a safe and loving place to call home.







Please note: These costs are estimations only and are subject to change. BlinkNow will make every effort to apply contributions towards their designated purposes. However, per IRS requirements, BlinkNow must exercise exclusive legal control over all donations received and therefore must reserve the right to reallocate contributions in its sole discretion in the event that the funding requirements for such purposes have been exceeded, or for other good cause. Any questions, please contact us.