Roots: Monthly Giving

"I am convinced that we can end world poverty for good, and we can do that by educating and caring for our world’s children.” - Maggie Doyne

If a bud gets everything it needs, it will bloom magnificently. Join our Roots program, and make the most loving, conscious choice you can every month to nurture all our little buds. Our Roots monthly giving program offers the following membership levels:

Buy a Child Lunch | Sponsor a Student | Empower a Woman | Sponsor a Classroom

 Sponsor lunch!

Sponsor Lunch: $15/month

At the Kopila Valley School, we provide every child with a nutritious hot lunch for free, followed by an afternoon snack. For some kids, this will be the only meal they receive that day. A student’s nutritional health can directly affect his or her mental capacity and ability to learn and thrive. We're the only school in the region to provide free meals -- help us feed the next generation of changemakers!


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  Sponsor a Child's Education

Educate a Child:
$40/month (partial scholarship)
$120/month (full scholarship)

The Kopila Valley School serves over 350 students from Nursery to 10th grade, and is top-rated in the region. The goal of our school is not simply literacy and learning facts, it’s about shining a light on each student’s potential and inspiring a belief that they can create a bright future for themselves. You can support the education of a child at two different giving levels: a partial scholarship for $40/month, or a full scholarship for $120/month.

Bonus: Roots members at $120/month will receive personal updates from their student!


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 The Kopila Valley Women's Center Class

Empower a Woman: $60/month

The Women’s Center opened its doors with the goal of providing job training and education to women in our community. The Center has since expanded to include classes in parenting, human rights, health, stress management and self-confidence. A retail environment in town, staffed by graduates of our training program, is stocked with their handmade products.

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 Class is in session at the Kopila Valley School

Sponsor a Classroom: $80/month

We're not only educating children with the greatest need in our community, we're setting them up for the most successful future possible. Classroom sponsorship provides all the books, pencils, musical instruments, team members, and infrastructure to ensure every student at Kopila Valley blooms in the world as an English-speaking, critical-thinking, singing & dancing conscientious citizen. Help us make it happen!

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Please note: every child in our school receives lunch every day. That happens regardless of how many Roots members sign up at the $15 giving level. We also educate 400 kids a year, even if less than 400 people sign up to sponsor their scholarships.

Your specific donation is going into our general operating fund which supportsour greatest need for all our programs, from the school and the Women's Center to our health programs and our wonderful staff who make it all possible.

Roots member support is crucial to BlinkNow's growth and sustainability of all our programs. We hope that showing what it costs to feed and educate a child in our school or support a woman in our Women's Center, helps you to conceptualize how much of an amazing impact you're having. Every single month. You should feel great about that.