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The BlinkNow collection of products is handcrafted by the Kopila Valley Women's Cooperative in Surkhet, Nepal. Behind every stitch and weave of our products, there is a woman with a story. Each product is unique, made from local materials, and creates a sustainable difference in the lives of our women and their families. The 2018/2019 collection is inspired by friendship, the brightness of new beginnings, and creativity. All products are hand wash only and should be dried flat. 


"Most of the women in Surkhet really struggle to make a living and feed and school their children. They do intense physical labor, farm, break stones, and walk miles to the jungle for firewood to cook their food. I've talked to hundreds of women who have faced forms of severe abuse and deprivation. It's so clear that their greatest wish in the world is to be able to feed and educate their children and keep them healthy. Now, we have a way for them to learn, create, make, sell, to channel all their energy into something positive. I've also seen the amazing things that happen when women come together in a space and how much support they give each other." 
- Maggie Doyne, Founder and CEO of the BlinkNow Foundation 


Your purchase enables BlinkNow to continue to support the Kopila Valley Women's Empowerment Center and also provides an income for members of the Kopila Valley Women's Cooperative. Support of this project enables and empowers some of Nepal's most disadvantaged women to make and sell goods, earn a fair living wage, provide for their families, and find financial independence. Our women are inspiring the next generation by demonstrating that developing skills and pursuing education is the best way to break down social and economic barriers. 


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