Women’s Center Goals

Sunday, October 30, 2016

With our Women’s Center training now in its third year, the leadership team at the Women’s Center have taken the chance to reflect on the journey so far.

The program has produced some really positive results. The first graduating class is now running a training center in town, and looking to expand their operations to Kathmandu, and perhaps even international markets soon!

In this crucial period, we decided that it was important to set some clear goals. These goals will not only provide direction, but also a standard by which we can measure our progress over the coming months and even years.

Firstly, we want to develop a curriculum of key skills to empower and support women in the local area. This curriculum will be divided into learning and experience based training: and not always a vocational skill. This will be supported by our excellent current teachers and trainers, and we aim to develop a range of key skills and foster growth in our community.

We will create various learning environments and drops ins, building a training program which will include parenting, human rights, health, stress management, and self-confidence.

We also want to develop the new building of the center nearer to the home and create a community of women, using the land we have to encourage sustainable growing, as well as holistic living. This is already in progress, through Project Grow, and the solar light installation at the new Women’s Center building.

We will encourage our women to teach others, and develop key women to become the teachers and the spokeswomen of their generation. Developing links to other NGOs and INGO's will be key to creating the best practice and sharing our learning. This goal is already expanding to include a counselling center and a microloan program, all part of our mission to bring women together and empower them to lead better lives.

It is important that we continue to support and develop the vocational training offer more courses in sewing, weaving, pattern cutting, and management. We plan to facilitate development of the store by providing the necessary resources for the project to grow.

One of our major goals is to create a domestic supply chain and be part of Fair Trade Nepal, thus leading to key relationships with Nepali stores and commercial communities. Once we have established this in Nepal, we can look to target international growth. In order to achieve this we will need to complete the regulation and application of Fair Trade standards, including all supply chain elements. We are aiming for the beginning of 2017 for this goal.

Finally, it is crucial that we build awareness of the project through social media, exhibitions, books, and the introduction of an online store. We have recently started our “Empower a Woman” campaign, and we will continue to work towards increasing the profile of the Women’s Center both within Nepal and across the world.

The Women’s Center has come a long way since construction started in 2013, and we think that 2017 will be the most successful year yet for all of us.



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