Waiting for Our New Baby

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Hi everyone! Maggie here from cozy California waiting for our baby, who has made no indication of wanting to make an appearance anytime soon. We are feeling so wrapped in love and enjoying every moment and trusting that he or she will come when ready.

In the meantime, Jeremy and I are taking lots of hikes, making lots of soup and granola, going on dates and watching movies, taking our birthing classes, soaking in the bathtub, and nesting up a storm.

The kiddos in Nepal are doing great, and also waiting eagerly for their little brother or sis. I have my moments of missing them, but our family text chain with silly videos and lots of heart emojis and funny memes is keeping me strong. Jeremy is working on a TV show and the documentary, so we will be camped out here in CA until we are ready to make our way back to Nepal.Any day now!

Good things about being so pregnant and way overdue:

  1. Sunset hikes with belly photoshoots.
  2. Everyone you come in contact with asking, “What are you having?” and being able to respond, “We hope it’s a human!” Or, “What makes you think I’m pregnant?”
  3. Everyone stops when you’re waiting to cross the street. People love pregnant women.
  4. Strangers smile at you and say the sweetest things and are absolutely convinced you’re having a boy or a girl and they are 100 percent convinced they’re right.
  5. How often in life do you get to take all the naps you want, read books and watch TV and movies all day? I’ve missed so much by working all the time.
  6. It’s really fun trying all the things that people and Google say can help induce labor but realizing in the end that none of it works.
  7. Watching my body get bigger and stretch a little more when I didn’t think it was possible.
  8. The baby kicks and movements never get old, knowing that that baby is safe and sound in there and their brain is cooking and getting smarter.
  9. Hot baths with lavender bubble bath and candles every night.
  10. Late night basketball matches with Jeremy at the park singing space jamz and laughing.
  11. Our house is soooo clean and stocked with groceries and I get to live in my bathrobe.
  12. Looking back at photos from when I was upset for being so big and swollen and puffy and so much bigger than other pregnant people and laughing at myself now because I had no idea what I was in for.
  13. Watching my team stepping in and taking care of everything BlinkNow and knowing the kids are safe and loved.
  14. The dance videos the teenagers send me on our family text chain and pictures of baby K walking around in a bear suit.
  15. Everyone who bet in our baby pool being soooo wrong and off with our due date. Haha suckers all thought I was going to deliver early!
  16. Date nights every night with Jeremy and being able to justify it because “This could be the last!”
  17. I fit into Jeremy’s clothes, my pelvis feels like it’s splitting in two, my sound effects and pretending I’m a sad lone beached whale when I’m trying to roll from one side to the other (actually I could go without these last ones).
  18. Making a hilarious dance video with Jeremy for the #babymamachallenge.

50 older siblings!

Thank you for all the love and well wishes. We can feel them... really. This is such a special and sacred time for us. Savoring it and really appreciating this time to prepare for bringing this new life into the world.

XOXO, Maggie 

P.S. If you're not already, be sure to follow @BlinkNowOrg on Instagram to keep up with everyone in Nepal while I'm out on maternity leave. 

Special thanks to Justin Tyler Close for the black and white photos!



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