This life and all the joys and sorrows

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Oh, this life and all the joys and sorrows. Nisha and Ruby met and we all burst into tears. I watched my very first walk across the stage and graduate from college (11th and 12th grade). I felt so fortunate to meet the teachers, counselors, friends, and community that have shaped Nisha’s life here these past two years.

We have a graduate!

I watched my little girl who I dropped off at her dorm two years ago bloom into an amazing young woman with strong values and ideas about the world and an even stronger love for Nepal than when she left. Now she’s off for a gap year and history repeats itself full circle. What a day. Ohhh and Holland, we love you, especially you, Floortje Dessing! 

Xo, Maggie 



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