The perfect cup of Tea

Thursday, October 06, 2016

By Anna Felton
Director, Women's Center

We like to celebrate achievements and growth of the women at the center. Every woman comes to us with different ideas, skills and levels of confidence. As a team, we work closely to understand what each of woman wants to learn and how best to support her on her journey. Enhancing individual skills and confidence of our women will equalize how they relate at home and with their families.

Last month we celebrated successes from within the center with a little nod to all the women and what they achieve each day.

Ganga, pictured above, makes us tea every day.  In fact, she makes the best tea. I am from the UK and to stop and have a brew is an important part of the day. It's not just the taste of the tea that we savor, but tea time makes us stop, talk with each other, and have a moment of calm and reflection. Ganga was awarded the best tea maker award.



Dhanaupa won the award for practicing English.  She's also correcting my Nepali, as it's so important that I learn at the same time.  They are all very good at encouraging me too!



Roma produces incredible craftsmanship when sewing; she has come such a long way.  She creates and develops our garments with a huge smile, making our days brighter and fun, and her laugh is infectious.

It is important for us to support and empower our women, no matter how small the achievement.  The center is creating change within our local communities, inspiring the change makers of the next generation. It makes me feel incredibly proud of all of the women who come to the center.  They are passionate about sharing their skills and knowledge with the children. Their daughters are the women of tomorrow.

At the Women's Center, we don't mind if the women cannot sew a completely straight line.  For us, it's about creating a safe place, a community and above all, friendship.

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