Sustainability Systems 101

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Our new school campus will be one of the greenest schools in the world. We envision that it will become an example of what is possible when building with the environment in mind. It features a variety of sustainability systems, including solar power, rammed earth, rainwater harvesting, and a seed bank. Not sure what that means? Watch these videos to learn more. 

You may have been hearing us talk a lot about rammed earth lately... here's why! 

Just think: If humans could capture even a small portion of the sun's energy that hits the earth, we could say goodbye to all generators, hydro projects, power plants, and nuclear energy. 

What's a seed bank, you ask? Watch this to find out! 

Have you ever heard about the monsoon rains that drench Nepal every summer? This is how we are capturing its power. 

We try to keep sustainability at the heart of what we do. We want this school to be around for generations to come, and we want to set an example in green building for both our neighbors and the world. These systems are helping us do that. Stay tuned for more updates from our new school over the next few weeks as we prepare to open its doors to our students!



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