Stories of Nepal: Happiness

Monday, September 10, 2018

We have partnered with our brilliant friend Jay from Stories of Nepal to tell the stories of individuals at Kopila Valley and in the surrounding communities. In case you missed any of his earlier posts, you can find them here. This is the final post in the series. Thank you for following along!

"I have been running this eatery for many years now. Before that, I was in India working for anyone who would give me daily wages. I was very careful with my savings. I never ate more than I needed. I never succumbed to my wants. When I finally returned home, people were arriving from higher up in the hills to settle on the sides of the Karnali Highway. There were only one or two eateries and I saw an opportunity. With the little money I had managed to bring back, I could open a tea shop and cater to the villagers, the drivers and their conductors and the passengers who would get off the bus to use the toilet or to stretch their legs. I made some benches, tables and in no time there was a tea kettle on the fire. I added noodles, biscuits, eggs and a few other items and business picked up.

I was able to send all my children to school. Speaking of school, I only went to school for a month in my life because the fields demanded my sweat. Today, one of my sons topped the district level examinations and I could not be happier. I know of the sacrifices I have made for my children. All to bring them the comfort and happiness. Their happiness is my reward. And I know, from my children, I will never ask for anything in return." (Gokarna Bahadur Shahi, Rakam, Dailekh)



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