Sunday, October 23, 2016

Greetings from Surkhet! Our new school year is now well underway, and as we're enjoying the Nepali festival season, we're taking the chance to introduce some great new opportunities for the children. Here is an exclusive update on some of the exciting programs we’re rolling out this year for the Kopila Valley School students.

Our extracurricular enrichment program has expanded. We’ve hired a music teacher, an art teacher, and a full-time sports coach. The kids are loving the new opportunities and the creative energy is flowing.

We’ve also started a new tradition called “Club Day”. Once a week, the kids spend a class period participating in the club of their choice. This has been such a roaring success in its early stages that we are now expanding the choices. Options include chess club, meditation club, and even architecture club! It’s been wonderful to watch the kids explore and develop new passions.

All of these changes have meant that we have had to rethink our sponsorship program, and we created a new sponsorship rate to more closely reflect the actual cost of educating a child at Kopila Valley School. You can now sponsor a child for $40/month, or $480/year.

A lot of work has also been put into our nutrition program. We recently brought in specialists from Kathmandu to improve the nutritional value of the school menu, and host training workshops for our cooks. We now provide healthy afternoon snacks like bananas, salad, and boiled eggs for all of our students as they are leaving the school. You can help us to keep improving our school nutrition by feeding a student lunch for $10/month.

We are very proud of the quality of the education we provide, and of the enhancements we continue to make. Our children are certainly benefitting from the terrific new programs. Thank you again for helping to make our students’ futures brighter.



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