School for the Blind

Sunday, February 26, 2017

I'm proud that we support a few visually impaired scholars at a government program. These girls taught me Braille today. I spent wayyy too much time trying to write "My name is Maggie Doyne," and when they read it they all started laughing because I had written it completely backwards, not realizing that when you punch the holes you need to flip the paper over. My co-founder Tope and I distributed some materials and white walking canes that were donated to us. These amazing girls walk a half an hour to get to school and we hope this will make the walk safer for them and help them to be more independent.

The resilience and strength of these girls is unbelievable. It's hard navigating the streets and the world here in Nepal as a seeing person. I can't believe what they have to overcome everyday with such limited support. These students have big dreams and we will continue to do what we can to see that their dreams come true. Our oldest sponsored blind scholar is Nanda and she is now is studying computer programming in Kathmandu.

Thank you for supporting BlinkNow so we can do this work.


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