Ribbon Cutting at our New School Campus

Friday, June 01, 2018

We cut the ribbon for the middle school portion of the new campus this week and there are now 100 students using 6 classrooms of our new school!! The road to get here was long and at times it was hard to see an end in sight and actually picture kids using the new school but when the ribbon was cut and the kids went running up the stairs it felt incredible. The team has put in countless hours and watching it all come together in that pinnacle moment was surreal. I couldn’t get the smile off my face or keep the tears out of my eyes.

For the first time, these classrooms are filled with students!

The mayor and village chairman came for inaugural speeches and the school was adorned in ribbon and flowers. It was also really nice hosting our board treasurer Bill Bartzak and Board Advisor Amund Bjorklund to share in the moment. It’s magical seeing the kids interact with the space. We will learn as phase two and three come together this year and we get ready to migrate everyone else! Classroom interior, landscaping, playgrounds, a cafeteria and Amphitheatre are all still underway along with the early childhood village. Still more to go but this was a monumental step for us. Special thanks to our boards in both Nepal and the US, our donors from across the world, our architect Prabal Thapa, Phase 1 contractor Mato Ghar Hemendra Bohra, BlinkNow project management Andy Furlong, Chris Deegan and Luke Metcalf, sustainable systems Jamie MacDonald, rammed earth solutions Narayan Acharya, CMS Kathmandu, structural engineering Manohar Rajbandari, Smart Pani, Sun Farmer, Hepatas, phase two contractor Sunkoshi Abyan, Abari for ECV, and the hundreds of construction workers to show up every day and keep the dream alive. Roofers, painters, welders, plumbers, water specialists, machinery operators, masons, etc. This project brought together so many wonderful collaborations and minds.

Xo, Maggie


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