Race for Equality

Friday, February 17, 2017

For International Women's Day, we decided to revisit an activity we first tried in 2015. We're going to celebrate women by running in their honor, and we encourage you to join us! Here in Surkhet, we will be writing the reasons why we are running on a piece of paper - for gender equality, for better access to education, for the ending of child marriage, to diminish the wage gap, to stop domestic violence and for all over the other hopes we have for women and girls all over the world.

To participate - print one of the templates here, write your reasons for celebrating International Women's Day, and start your run! (We're doing a 5k in Nepal -- your choice how long you'd like to run. Around the block is fine!)

We'd love to see photos from your run whether you're doing it alone, with friends or family - use the hashtag #RaceForEquality and tag us in your posts!

We can't wait to celebrate International Women's Day with our global community!




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