Poor Q & X

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Our library has been going through a MAJOR makeover. Thanks to all of you, we have shelves and shelves of beautiful books. Our librarian and many others have been working to create organizational systems that work for our community. There are very few libraries in Surkhet, which means we often have to get creative and find solutions that work for us!

Our fiction books are organized alphabetically by author's last name. But students sometimes still get a bit overwhelmed when trying to find a particular book. We hear a lot of "Miss, where are the G books?" or "Miss, where is the new Sarah Kay book?" So, VOILÁ! We created alphabet markers!

The alphabet markers in action.  

We also realized with our new wonderful alphabet markers that there were a couple of lonely letters...poor Q & X. Want to help us have a fully represented alphabet??

Our partners at Better World Books will ship books directly to Kopila Valley for FREE. Please purchase books from our Better World Books wishlist...and help us to make sure Q and X (and all the others) aren't so lonely anymore!

Better World Books: betterworldbooks.com
Login with this email: info@blinknow.org
Use this password: welovebooks

Thanks so much for helping us make sure every child is educated, safe, and loved!



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