Poetry Slamming In Surkhet

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I wish...

By Krishna Bogati (age 12)

I wish my mind was intelligent like a scientist,

so I could make different things and change this world.

I wish my mind was intelligent like a scientist.


I wish I was the floating cloud, flying in the sky,

nobody telling me where to go

when you guys look up into the sky you will see me. 

I wish I was the floating cloud in the sky.


I wish I was a teacher so I could make every little mind intelligent

and make them doctors, pilots, engineers and so on and so on.

I wish I was a teacher. 


I wish I was the flowing river from the cold mountains, cold water. 

In summer time people will dive into the water and feel fresh. 

I wish I was the river flowing from the cold mountains.


I wish I was a fish, deep into the ocean 

where sunlight doesn't shine

I will glow my light to glow my path and swim here and there.

I wish I was a fish deep in the ocean.


I wish I was a beautiful dream.  The dream that you always dream,

the one that you go on adventures and are always successful.

I wish I was a beautiful dream.


I wish I was a flower girl in every marriage

I would wear a beautiful dress and flowers and a headband that matched my sandals. 

I wish I was the flower girl in every marriage.


This week Kopila Valley and the U.S. Embassy, (American Corner) are hosting the Word Warriors for Surkhet's first ever poetry slam festival!  The kids are all in absolute heaven.  They are so inspired; writing their own poems, performing them, and having the time of their lives.  This all started when our friend, the famous Sarah Kay came to our school this past winter and treated us to one of her awe inspiring poetry workshops.  The kids all described their time with Sarah Kay as being "the best day of their entire lives."  She really lit a spark for us.  So Sarah, introduced us to the Word Warriors in Kathmandu and our dear Kelly Miss, and Extracurricular coordinator Rajesh Sir, put the wheels in motion and worked on bringing this incredible group out to Surkhet.  Here's more on the story and an interview the Asia Society did with Sarah Kay.  Whenever I listen to Sarah's poem "If I should have a daughter" I cry.  Her Ted Talk is at the top of that interview. 

The kids can really relate to the Word Warriors slamming their life stories, expressing beliefs, thoughts and feelings there.  I can't wait to see some more performances after this week of training!!!  Uncle Ed, please bring the flip cam.  If you ask me, poetry can change the world!  Special thanks to the Word Warriors, Kelly, Rajesh, Top, Sarah Kay and American Corner!

More poetry coming your way soon.


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