Poetry Heals

Saturday, March 11, 2017

It was a really really really hard week for me. I got my swollen eyes over to our new land and farm for some baby animal therapy and spent yesterday with Chris and Luke making decisions on windows and doors and roofing. The second story of our new school is going up fast and walking around the campus things are starting to feel real.

This week my friend Sarah Kay is visiting and I finally checked doing her poetry workshop off my list of lifelong dreams. If for some reason you don't know who she is yet, please stop what you are doing right now and watch her Ted Talk: "If I Should Have a Daughter." She blows me away. I kept finding myself wishing every single child in the world could have the experience that my children have had with her.

The Kopila kids' poetry skills that Sarah and the Word Warriors have instilled in them are getting next level. My children describe their time with this amazing crew as the "best days of their lives." I'm so grateful for the healing and belly laughter that Sarah and her mom brought to us all week. I even wrote some poems after a very long time of not being able to do much of anything creative.

The kids' poetry never fails to make me smile.


I keep remembering to breathe and write, drink tea and breathe some more. "Taking my broken heart and turning it into art," and remembering that love heals. 

Love from here, Maggie

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