Our New Photo Project

Monday, February 06, 2017

Filmmaker and photographer Jeremy Power Regimbal and I have teamed up on film to capture everyday moments and faces at Kopila. Here are some of our favorites from this year. This was my first time shooting on film. I love how it captures the sparkle in the children's eyes. When I look at each of their faces, I see their human potential. It makes me want to freeze time and protect them and their futures and make the world better for them to grow up in.

A little interview with Jeremy:

BlinkNow: Why do you shoot on film?
Jeremy: The reason is for the pure aesthetic beauty and flaws that only a film camera can capture. But in our digital over stimulating world, I think we operate and crave instant gratification and results to an extreme. And shooting film for me is my release from that cycle and lifestyle... its like a little game of capturing an image and sometimes waiting months to see what was on that film. I give myself a set amount of rolls i can shoot on each trip and I'm much more selective instead of shooting every single thing I see. In a weird way it pushes me to be present and enjoy moments more.

BlinkNow: What are you trying to teach the kids about photography?
Jeremy: I hope by teaching the kids the basic of photography it not only becomes a passion for some of them but also an outlet for them to express themselves safely, help tell their story to the world and find what makes them happy.

BlinkNow: What do you enjoy about capturing Kopila?
Jeremy: Everything Really. Being on the road with a camera is probably my favorite thing to do in the world, and when you combine that with a group of people I love, it can't get much better for me.


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