Our 10 Year Anniversary!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Guess what?! It's 2017 and we are officially celebrating the ten year anniversary of BlinkNow!

It's hard to believe that this little hole in the ground (and me, that little girl standing inside of it) would ultimately turn into everything we have now. I can't believe how far we've come. In some ways it feels like this picture was just taken yesterday, while in others, it feels like a century ago. We've learned so much and come so far.

Our team, starting out with just a handful of us, has transformed into our BlinkNow village and family around the world. I look at myself here and see so many hopes and dreams in my eyes. I definitely had no idea about the road that lay ahead, not even a clue, and in some ways I was still a child myself. A lot of me has grown up here.

Ten years later, there are definitely still moments when I wake up and think, "Goodness, how did all this happen?" Over the next few months we'll be answering just that - reflecting on all that has happened, all that we've accomplished and how far we've come. We'll be sharing videos, doing throwback posts, and storytelling from the early days.

I tend to be a very goal- and task-oriented person and in the hustle and bustle of every day, sometimes I forget to look back, reflect, and think about our early days. Thank goodness for the kids for constantly reminding me of memories and stories they have, that otherwise I would have totally forgotten.

It's definitely been the ride of a lifetime and our team would like to take this year to reflect and celebrate, while we build our new school campus and continue to charge ahead. We have soooo many exciting things to share! Thank you for being with us for the ride.



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