Natural Factors

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just when you least expect it, AMAZING things happen. About a week ago I wrote an e-mail to Natural Factors a natural supplements company that makes the best ever children’s multi-chewable vitamin, “Big Friends.” On my kitchen counter sits Natural Factors’ chewable vitamin C tablets which I ingest on a daily basis. These are the best vitamins in the world... they taste just like Smartie’s candy. (All of you parents out there that can’t get your kids to swallow vitamins take note.) Anyways I wrote the company about a week ago because I wanted to bring back a few bottles of the kids multi-vitamins with me to give to the kids in Nepal, many of whom, as you know suffer from severe malnourishment and vitamin deficiencies. I told the company that along with a balanced diet, I believed that the use of their vitamin among my children would help develop strong and healthy kids, and asked if they could provide me with either a discount or donation!

Now mind you I write dozens of these e-mails in a given week and am so used to not hearing back from companies that the response I saw in my inbox this morning, was, in itself enough for me to jump with joy. But GET THIS!!! John Morley, President of Natural Factors, wrote back to tell me that they were sending 100 BOTTLES of the children’s multi!!!! AHHHH!!! This is over $1000 worth of vitamins. I can’t even begin to imagine what this is going to do for these kids. I dream of kids with thick healthy black hair, healthy skin, and super boosted immune systems. So you just never know, do you? As Winston Churchill once said, “Never Never Never Give Up!” I think I’ll go write a few more e-mails! One in particular to Continental... I need to get 100 jumbo bottles of Multi-vitamins to Nepal.

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