Morning Walk

Monday, October 08, 2018

I visited our safe home this morning. We call it the Big Sisters' Home. Some of the girls and I went for a long walk together, getting caught up and admiring the green rice paddies. When we got back to the house, we all did a guided meditation together and had some tea. We have been running this project as a pilot for one year now and I am blown away by watching these young women, heal, grow, learn, and bloom. Most importantly they are safe and protected and free.

Morning walk pose!

You may wonder how a young woman in the year 2018 could not be free but it happens. When I learn their stories I feel like they are something I should be reading in The New York Times or a novel and then I remember, this is real and true and they are standing in front of me and they are the girls I know and love. These young women entered the safe home as victims of some of the most tragic and horrific things I have ever heard of, things that no child anywhere should have to endure. So many things about our world have failed them many many times over. But today I saw hard working, confident, powerful young women studying for their exams, dreaming big dreams. I felt so incredibly proud and hopeful that more and more girls and women have this chance. Still so much to do.

xo, Maggie 



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