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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meet Erin-Leigh Patterson of She's the First.  She is running the NYC marathon ONCE AGAIN to sponsor 26 girls at Kopila Valley!!! To learn more about her cause, check out Erin's RAZOO PAGE!  It's truly efforts like Erin's that keep our school up and on its feet. Thank you Erin and best of luck in your final month of marathon training. You go girl.

Meet our friend and Kopila Scholar, Nanda who has been sponsored by Kopila Valley for the past few years at the school for the blind, in Nepal Ganj. She completely lost her vision at age 5 after a severe bout of diarrhea and malnutrition. She came to my office yesterday with some incredible news. She just got her high school diploma and passed her SLC exam. She wants to continue on in her education to become a teacher for blind children in Nepal. Congratulations Nanda, we are so incredibly proud of you.

Meet (another Nanda) Dr. Nanda Singh, a biogeneticist and professor at Tribuvan University. He came by our school today to give the kids an inspirational talk. He told us the story of how he was one of 9 siblings in the remote village of Dilikot and used to write his lessons in the dirt with a piece of bamboo. He speaks, Nepali, English, Japanese, Spanish, and French. He reminded us that brilliant minds are everywhere, we just have to find them and work hard. We are happy to see him working in politics to UNITE Nepal and honored that he visited our school.

Meet our friend Eva Haller.  I met Eva at Forbes Women (on her 83rd birthday!) when she won the Forbes Excellence in Mentorship Award and called me up on stage to give a gift of solar "Unite to Light" lamps for the children.  These couldn't have come in more perfect timing. Power is off anywhere from 7-14 hours a day and with our exams and standardized tests around the corner our students will be using them to study in their homes.  Thank you EVA!

Last but not least Meet our 10-year-old friend Ganga. She was born with two club feet, a congenital birth defect.  Doctors told her family that surgery was possible but due to their economic condition, she was unable to receive any treatment or support. As Ganga grows it has become increasingly difficult for her to walk. We sent her to Kathmandu yesterday to one of Nepal's best hospitals to see what can be done to help her. As I type this, she is seeing orthopedic surgeon, podiatrist, and physiotherapist who are assessing her needs. Please keep Ganga in your thoughts. And thanks to everyone for your support of the Kopila Clinic to make it possible for girls like Ganga to get the medical support they need.  

*UPDATE (SEPTEMBER 19, 2013) Wonderful news! I just talked to Ganga's doctor at HRDC about her feet. The good news is, they will be able to do an operation that should make life much easier for her. She will however need to stay in the hospital for two months. Any friends of Kopila kids who want to send letters, pictures or words of encouragement to Ganga, please mail to:

Kopila Valley School
Bhairabsthan-4 Birendranagar Surkhet, Nepal

We will make sure that they get to Ganga!!

Aren't our friends the coolest?! Every single one of them are working to make our world (and Nepal) a better place.  We're in this together friends!!! Lots of love from Kopila Valley and more soon :)

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