Meet Our 2018 Donors of the Year!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

It is with great enthusiasm and gratitude that BlinkNow honors Leslie Shaw and Jeremy Doppelt as our 2018 Supporters of the Year. All of our supporters feel like family to us here at BlinkNow, and that could not be more true for Leslie and Jeremy. For the past few years, this incredible couple has gone above and beyond to share their time, expertise, and financial contributions with us, more than we could have ever asked for. Perhaps more importantly, they truly believe in our mission to empower Nepal's children and have been by our side every step of the way in working to ensure that every child is educated, safe, and loved.

In addition to being wonderful people, Jeremy and Leslie both have developed experience and expertise that has served us beyond measure. Leslie graduated from Indiana University with a business degree in entrepreneurship. Leslie spent six years with Roots And Wings, an NJ-based organization supporting young adults transitioning from foster care. While at Roots And Wings, she held many roles including mentor, board member, and board chair. Jeremy is a University of Michigan graduate, lawyer, and real estate investor in the New Jersey area. He is an avid cyclist and doting father to their three amazing daughters Ali, Kate, and Liz.  

We met Leslie and Jeremy four years ago at an event in Mountain Lakes, NJ where Maggie shared her story.  In a matter of weeks, we were having coffee at the Denville Bakery learning about how we could leverage both Leslie and Jeremy’s non-profit experience.  Maggie was most impressed by the wise and heart-centered questions they asked, and how they both took the time to really understand the work that we do here at BlinkNow. When Jeremy and Leslie heard about our vision for our new school, they didn’t hesitate to dig deep and invest in our dream, getting us through a major milestone.

But their support didn’t stop there. Leslie joined the BlinkNow team, working from the US to support Maggie directly while she was in Nepal.  Leslie also took on the role as committee chair of the BlinkNow Futures Committee, preparing our teenagers for self-sufficiency, and most recently has taken an official role on our board and spearheaded BlinkNow's 10-year Strategic Planning efforts. She has also become a close friend and mentor to many of the BlinkNow team members, always available for a phone call or a cup of coffee and known for thinking through problems with careful intention and thoughtfulness.

Without dedicated supporters like Leslie and Jeremy, BlinkNow would not be able to provide opportunity to hundreds of women and children each year in Surkhet, Nepal. We are extremely grateful for their leadership in our supporter community and are honored to present them this award.

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