M.A.D. for Kopila!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Day 1: My name is Ching Ching Wong. I'm a dancer, I love the Kopila kids, and I love momos. I'll be guest posting on BlinkNow's Instagram account while I'm here sharing M.A.D. for Kopila (Music, Art, and Dance!). I left my job of 7 years as a professional contemporary dancer last October and reached out to the Kopila team with a dream to share dance. This dream expanded into a 10-month-long journey to 9 countries and 17 cities to teach dance. Kopila was the bud that started it all.


I'm here alongside Joe Kye and Joe Reynolds. I'll be posting all of our shenanigans! Joe Kye was born in Korea, hails from Seattle, and lives in Portland. He is our music teacher, jam session leader, and ultimate frisbee captain! Joe Reynolds is from Philadelphia and is currently on world tour with me. He is our art teacher, cyclist expert, and nominated for the best high 5's!

Frisbee fun!

Day 4: I had the pleasure of teaching the young adults of Kopila today! So much to celebrate. They finished their last exams AND 6 of them are moving out of the Children’s Home and into their very own flats! What an amazing group of leaders, humans, and dancers going out into the world!

Who loves rice?!

Day 6: This is S.! I asked him, WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE FOOD? He said, RICE!!! I said, ME TOO!!! One of my favorite things about Kopila Valley School is their lunch program. EVERY DAY of the year these kiddos have access to a warm, nutritious, & very delicious meal (I’ve been lucky enough to have school lunch too)! For some, this is their one meal a day. And, it’s a meal they can always count on! These Kopila Kids are growing strong in body, loving in heart, and challenge in mind.


Day 9: Kopila Family, thank you for bringing us into your world and filling it with so much laughter and love. From the M.A.D. For Kopila, Music Art & Dance Camp Team, we love you. OUR HEARTS ARE FULL AND GRATEFUL.



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