Life with Fifty Plus Brothers and Sisters

Thursday, June 07, 2018

It was sadly a really short trip to Nepal this time. We have to head back to the States due to immigration restrictions, but will be back in no time. This was an awesome trial run with Ruby. We were nervous coming here with her so young. The first few days shook us up a bit. Chicken pox outbreak made us nervous, mosquitos made us nervous, cough going around made us nervous, street dog coming after the stroller on our first walk, monsoon winds and storms, so many people touching her. 100 degree weather and sweaty jetlagged nights under the mosquito net. Having a little one here was scary for us. Three days in and our little Ruby was covered in heat rash, mosquito bites and her first runny nose.

A few more days in and we realized things were just fine and our bundle of joy sunk right into life with her fifty plus brothers and sisters. She loves it here!!! Honestly the love was out of this world. Ruby fit so perfectly. My children are thriving. My team is incredible. I feel so grateful for our Nepal family.

This trip was emotionally loaded for me; still navigating the grieving process and all that comes with it. We spent our days hanging with the kids and doing lots of catching up, yelling from the sidelines at countless soccer games watching our kids play and host the first ever Kopila Cup, soft opening our middle school and walking the dream campus site again and again and again. Meetings meetings and more meetings for me while Jeremy and Ruby worked on #lovelettersformychildren.

We head back to the States just before monsoon hits; sad and not completely ready to leave, but so excited to come back when Jeremy’s immigration is sorted (hopefully soon.) Full hearts.




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