Let’s Do This

Thursday, December 27, 2018

By Maggie Doyne

It’s the last week of the year! Like other charities, we are hustling in fundraising mode so we can continue our work in the coming year. At BlinkNow we have been looking and reflecting deeply on our budget; what is feasible for growth and where we can trim back. As always we want to do more than we have resources for and we need to make some difficult and reflective decisions. I’m sensitive about flooding your feeds and inboxes with asks. I’m also sensitive about inundating when so many of you have already given so generously.

Studying hard at Kopila Valley School

At the same time, the hustle is real. We need to ask. We are trying with everything in us to finish off this school of ours and we have days to make it happen. This week we will be asking you to give and campaigning. It’s so hard for me to ask friends for money. Fundraising can feel tortuous and the only thing that gets me through this part of the journey is knowing that my intentions are grounded in supporting the women and children I care so much about and a deep connection to the work.

Ruby playing with her big siblings

We need to ask in order to keep this important work going. Thank you for understanding and supporting our initiatives. Big love and Happy New Year! Here’s to creating a world where every child is educated, safe, and loved. Let’s do this!! And thank you to Jeremy Power Regimbal for the photos.



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