Kalikot Takeover - Part 1 of 3

Saturday, April 14, 2018

By Julia Molinaro, Communications Director 

Oda was beautiful, peaceful, and full of the brightest smiles, warmest hearts and most hardworking people. It was an incredible experience to stay with our co-founder Tope and see where he and many of our staff and kids in the children’s home are from.

Beutiful rice paddies in Oda.

No roads lead directly to Oda, a village in the foothills of the Himalayas, so Franny, Chris and I drove 6 hours and then walked 7 hours to reach the village. Without vehicles, machines or electricity, Oda seems frozen in time. Still soaking up this beauty and processing it all. Follow along with our journey from Surkhet to the district of Kalikot and back this week!

Julia, Franny and Chris!

The journey from Surkhet to Oda was a long one. We bounced around in a jeep on mountain roads built on the edge of cliffs hundreds of feet high...for 6 hours. When the road ended, we started walking -- first up to a mountain pass and then down through the hills, rounding the turn to Oda 7 hours later.

The road to Oda is a long and scary one.

The village of Oda is accessible only by foot. In fact, only about half of Nepal's population has road access. This limits access to healthcare, education, and resources in hilly and mountainous regions. Can you imagine living in a place without any roads?





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