#GivingTuesday 2018

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Kopila students and women are some of the most at-risk individuals in our community. Thanks to you, we’ve built classrooms, enrolled students, provided a loving home, and educated women. This work is so important, but it's not over. Our community continues to face obstacles every day, and we need your help today on #GivingTuesday.

Your support will help teenage girls fight off the threat of child marriage. It will provide a safety net to the students whose grades start failing due to problems at home. It will support women’s center grads as they begin earning enough to feed their families. It will ensure the success of our future changemakers as they leave the nest.

Keep girls safe this Giving Tuesday.

In a world where we can walk on the moon, there are still women in our city who cannot write their own name. They can’t write down a single thought, open a bank account, complete any official paperwork, make a list of what they need at the market, or read the newspaper. We want to live in a world where every person has the opportunity to reach their full potential, so we created a women’s center. We’re now providing job skills training and counseling support to the most vulnerable women in our community. With these opportunities, they are able to provide a better life for their children and break the cycle of poverty.

Support the next generation of changemakers in Nepal

Enrolling a student in our school is important, but it's often just the first step of many. Our students face hardships every single day. Suicide is the number one cause of death for women of reproductive age in Nepal. Sadly, we've seen this happen in our own community, too. In 2017, we opened the Big Sisters' Home to keep our at-risk teenage girls safe from threats like trafficking, abuse, and child marriage. Our goal is to provide a loving and supportive environment to help these young women reach their full potential.

By providing opportunities for the children who were not born into it, and the women who were never allowed to pursue it, we allow all the talents in our world to shine bright.



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