Fridays in the Kopila Kitchen

Friday, September 11, 2015

Hello! I'm Birendra, one of the Kopila Kids. In our home we do lots of stuff, like yoga, painting, play soccer, and reading novels, but the thing we most look forward to is cooking.

As part of growing up we believe that each of the big kids needs to learn how to cook. To make that possible we the big kids have divided ourselves into seven groups with four members each.

I'm a member of "Catch Up" but Mr. Chef, The Makers, WTGG, rookies 1 and rookies 2 also make great food! As part of our teams, we get to cook dinner every Friday and breakfast every Saturday. That way, the aunties and uncles get two days off.

We get to decide what to cook for each meal. On the day of the meal, our group members go to buy the ingredients. We come back to the kitchen, put on our favorite music, and divide the work. Luckily, the little girls and boys are always willing to help us.

We've made some great stuff, including chicken, puris, and even banana smoothies!

We usually serve dinner at 6:30. My favorite part is serving because we get a lot of compliments. It always feels wonderful to hear all the lovely compliments after all the hard work.

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