Teaching our Girls to Fight Back!

Friday, June 16, 2017

We've had a busy few months at Kopila Valley School, in honor of Gender Awareness Month. Students and staff have been participating in programs, including self defense training for our adolescent female students, gender awareness workshops, and drama competitions. A huge thanks to She's the First for their generous financial support! 

Strong girls!

Fight Back, an organization of martial arts and self-defense experts from Kathmandu, provided a specialized training program that included psychological conditioning, physical training, drills and simulations. The training was designed to enable young women to respond effectively to perpetrators and safe guard themselves should any crimes occur. Nearly 150 adolescent girls from Kopila Valley School and three other schools in Surkhet took part in the training. It was a fantastic training program and the participants had a great time learning self-defense and empowerment techniques. Our girls were inspired by the female trainers who had black belts in martial arts! 

Fighting back!

On May 23rd, Kopila Valley students participated in a drama competition that focused on the themes of gender equality and gender awareness.  Each of the four school 'houses' wrote and performed their plays to the appreciation of all students.  This school-wide cultural event was a great way for our students to share their thoughts and understanding about gender-related issues they experience at school and in their homes on a daily basis.

Getting creative!

What an exciting and succesful month at Kopila! We're striving for a school culture that values gender equality and child protection so that we can provide a learning environment safe and free from all forms of violence, gender differentiation and discrimination.



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