Faces of BlinkNow: New Campus

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

There's a whole lot of behind the scenes work that goes into bringing our new school campus to life. We have an amazing team of aunties and uncles who work tirelessly on the sustainable farm at our new school. We want to introduce you to some of them! 

Keeper of the cows

Lanka Shahi: “I came from Kalikot [a remote district in Nepal's hilly region] about a year ago. Surkhet is very different from Kalikot, but I really like it. I look after the cows every day. They are really special. Two baby cows were born soon after I arrived and they have grown really quickly. Back in my village, I used to look after the cows, so the Kopila cows remind me of home. At 5 o’clock, we milk the cows. I like milking because it requires a specific rhythm and feel and I have milked cows for many years, so now I am able to do this very quickly. Are you going to take my photo? I want my photo to be with the cows, let’s walk over to them.”

Auntie love

Vhagrati Singh: “Cooking for many people is very fulfilling. Seeing how content and peaceful everyone gets when eating makes me really happy. Food makes everyone happier. Every day, I cook three meals and make tea for everyone. I enjoy cooking breakfast the most. Each morning, I make roti. Roti is a flat bread that has air pockets inside when it is cooked correctly. I grew up in Kalikot before I moved here. I have been here for three years and a lot has changed since I arrived. I really enjoy seeing different pieces of the school being completed. Recently, they have put up the roofs, which look really nice. It is really funny watching the kids plant rice. I am always amazed at how well our rice grows because the kids plant the sprouts really fast. I hope the kids continue to respect the people who work on this land. We are here every day, and we notice when the kids are being naughty.” 

Such a hardworking man!

Krishna Adhikari (Kancha): "I have worked at Kopila for over 2 years. The area has changed a lot since I first arrived. I love how the new campus is really green and full of life. I love the large trees growing everywhere because they keep the air cool and provide delicious fruit. When I first arrived, there were trees covering the entire land and there weren’t many vegetable fields. However, now there are many, many fields which are filled with delicious vegetables for the kids to eat. We have many cucumbers and one time we harvested 14 pounds from two plants! In the future, I want the land to stay green as future improvements are made. I really like how it has changed in the past couple of years, and I am excited to see that continue in the future. When the school is finished and there are more kids here, I want them to learn about agricultural practices.” 

Meet Laxman uncle

Laxman Uncle: “I have worked at Kopila for 9 years. I was here long before the construction started. It has been amazing to watch the buildings be constructed. When the students eventually come here, I want them to respect the plants and animals. We have lots of delicious fruit, but I would like them to ask before they begin to pick the mangoes and litchi.” 

We're so grateful for our aunties and uncles at the new land. They are a huge part of bringing this dream school campus of ours to life. 


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