Building Future Leaders

Monday, August 06, 2018

By Navraj “Raj” Lamichhane, Program Intern

Our student ambassadors are the faces of the Kopila Valley School. This program helps students to develop their leadership and communication skills and connect with visitors and guests. They are the selected students to represent the school to visitors, guests, and community members. They give guided school tours, talk about student life, share info about the school programs, and advance the ideals of higher education in Surkhet, Nepal.

What a bunch!

Earlier this summer, the student ambassadors gave a guided tour of the new school to our BlinkNow staff, visitors, and guests. I was one of the guests who attended the guided school tour. The ambassadors began the tour by sharing their interests and talked about the school programs and the ongoing sustainability projects at the new school. While giving tours, they also asked many questions to the visitors to learn about their own stories. Our visitors were happy with the tour and learned a lot about the new school that is soon to be open.

The ambassadors giving an awesome tour to visiting BlinkNow staff!

When I took the tour, I really enjoyed learning about the school and students’ stories. They were passionate about sharing their personal stories that they experienced in the school. The students were trained and prepared well with school materials. I was impressed by their knowledge of the school’s programs and sustainability projects, such as solar power, aquaponics, and biomass. Not only were they sharing information about the school, but they were also inspiring people about what it means to go school and shift towards the use of sustainable energy sources.

The ambassadors planted this lemon tree!

R., one of the student ambassadors, mentioned that he is proud to be a part of the school ambassador team. For him, education means a journey to a better future. He aims to live a purposeful life by going into politics for his career. He wants to become a Prime Minister of Nepal someday. He sees leadership that strives for ethics, morals, values, progress, and developments in politics. He believes that the student ambassador team at Kopila Valley has provided him with resources and skills to practice leadership. He enjoys being a student role model and helping other students to engage in school activities. He said that as a student ambassador his English speaking proficiency and public speaking skills have improved. I felt that KVS has prepared students to go above and beyond by providing them with a quality education and hands-on experiences.



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