Beyond our Wildest Dreams

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

I burst into tears when I walked into the new campus on our first day here. I was instantly filled with so much emotion. It’s all coming together so beautifully and I walked onto the site to see at least 80 workers doing their thing hustling around the site in vests and hard hats. Electric was being installed, the pipes for the mega rainwater harvesting system and plumbing were going in place, solar panels were about to be activated, and the landscaping is coming together for the play spaces. There was also furniture in the making and classrooms getting their finishing touches, pathways going in and toilets.... all of this while the major construction buildings are underway for phases 2 and 3!

Chris and Luke on the site

All those hours of meetings, design decisions, and roadblocks were coming together before my very eyes. We still have a ways to go but we are reaching a major milestone this week with our first group of students shifting over to the new campus for a soft opening. We will finally get the chance to see kids over there and be putting the classrooms we have so far to good use. These next few days the team is securing the site for safety and fencing off the areas that the kids can and can’t have access to. Our team has never worked so hard... they are pulling 16-18 hour days in 100-degree heat to make this happen. I’m so grateful to everyone who is making this happen!!! Donors, construction workers, consultants, project managers, our contractors, and engineers. This is beyond our wildest dreams.

Love from here, Maggie



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