A Year Ago Today

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A year ago today, we threw the kids a mega party and read vows on top of a Himalayan mountain declaring our love and commitment to each other and to our kids. Hopefully, there will be a US/Canadian version someday to follow. Jeremy and I continue to celebrate each other every moment of every day. We gave the kids disposable cameras and these are two of my favorite captures.

One of my favorites from the night!

Imagine a wedding party when you have 50 plus kids!!! We designed this particular ceremony to be all about them and us joining together as a family. We combined traditional Nepali marriage ceremony with the traditional western walk down the aisle ceremony and vows. It was a day I will always remember followed by a night of the best dancing and performances. All I can say is thank goodness Jeremy is into cameras because we have it all documented. Thank you for this shot and so many more, Sunny Thapa.

Wedding party of 50 kiddos!

Love, Maggie



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