A Tale of Two Tanks

Sunday, July 01, 2018

One of the remarkable things about our new campus is the ingenious way it will reduce waste. For example, take a look at these two deep tanks that are almost finished (deep enough for a grown man to stand in them!).

A tale of two tanks! Well, actually three...

One underground tank will harvest grey water (sink and shower water) and recycle it to be used for non-potable things like cleaning the floors, washing vehicles, and flushing toilets. Another will collect black water (bathroom waste), which we'll use for two different purposes: the solids will be turned into biogas to fuel our cooking stoves and the burners in our science labs, and the liquid will be used for irrigation.

Both grey and blackwater will flow to a constructed wetland for a good cleaning. Rainwater will also be collected (the tale of three tanks doesn’t sound as catchy...) in a HUGE tank, where it will then be treated and used for drinking, cooking, and washing hands.

Crazy cool, right?



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