A Hard Couple Weeks of Mothering

Monday, February 13, 2017

My little one came running in to wake me up and tell me he lost his other front tooth and handed it to me. It's been a hard couple weeks of mothering and his little teeth sitting on my nightstand have brought me joy. Sometimes I worry that you only get to see us being cute and sweet and going on family trips and dancing together in the kitchen. For the most part that is what it's like here. But there are some messy bits and really hard things too that I don't get to share because of privacy.

It's been difficult this week. I'm not a perfect mother. I don't have the perfect family. We have our struggles. We have our healing to do. In such a large family there is always always something intense happening that feels like too much to bear. Sometimes I feel like, "I got this I'm doing great," and a moment later I'm like, "Holy crap! I'm in over my head and I have no idea what I'm doing!" Yesterday was one of those days.

Woke up this morning and going at it again with some deep breaths and trying to take on another day. Thank you for all the love. 

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