Love Letter #34 (50 love letters)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Happy birthday little love,

I met you when you were in your mama's tummy and your parents moved back from India after the war to work with us. I'm so happy and so lucky they made that decision because your family is part of our core. I was there the moment you were born. I drove your mom to the hospital on my scooter on very bumpy roads and when we got to the hospital we found out you were about to come out and when you did, and we held you and and said "it's a girl!!!" and we were all so happy. Being there with your mom when she gave birth to you was such a powerful experience for me. You have never known anything but life here at Kopila and it's been such a gift to watch you grow into such a lovely little girl.

We describe you as Miss Independence. You are so good at navigating your world and asserting your place in our big crazy hectic family. I feel lucky you've gotten to be raised amongst my children, right there in the mix. Your parents treat all of our children like their own and I do the same for you. You have such a special place in my heart so I wanted to be sure I wrote you a love letter too. Today was so much fun celebrating at one of your favorite places, the pool! I loved seeing the look on your face when we surprised you with ice cream and I loved how you had an entire list prepared of who you wanted to dance at satsung.

I love your voice and how sweet and soft it is and how you sing to yourself and skip everywhere you go. Most of all I love you!! I honestly truly don't know what I'd do without your family in our tribe and our village. What a gift to watch you grow.

Love and xoxo,

Maggie Auntie

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