Love Letter #33 (50 Love Letters)

Friday, April 07, 2017

Dear S,

This is exactly how I always want to remember you- swimming, dancing and doing cartwheels on the river beach. My first ever memory is of you dancing. Everyone in town knew you as being a performer and everyone recognizes you for that to this day.

You've been a hustler since you could walk. I met you at the bus station. You were so young and so independent. Love at first sight. My life has never been the same. I'm so happy that you kept dancing. Your sense of rhythm and beat is almost other worldly. Where did you get that from? You can take any object and turn it into a drum and come up with the most genius beat and make every song better. What would music be without the base or the drum? What would satsung be like without your dance moves??! Probably really boring. It is you I credit for bringing dancing culture to our family. You came dancing and you got our entire family into dancing.

You are whip smart. Clever is how I would describe you. Clever beyond clever. Your teachers always tell us how smart you are, so smart that sometimes we need to watch out for your chuck chuck. You make us all laugh. You forgive easily. You are kind and warm and sensitive. You are an incredible brother and son and not just to me. I'm honored to be one of your mommies. It's been the honor of my life to watch you grow and turn into the young man you are.

"Though you be but small, you are mighty." You are a gift. You are my pride. I can't wait to watch you take on this world.

Love you forever,

Xoxo Mom

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