Love Letter #30 (50 Love Letters)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Dear H,

I'll never forget the first few weeks you came to live with us. There's a line in my favorite children's book‬, I'll Love You Forever, that says "sometimes his mother wanted to sell him to the zoo!" That was me. I wanted to sell you to the zoo. Everyone around me thought I was crazy for taking in yet another kid, at a time when everything in our family was so calm. I started questioning myself. You were my wild child. You got in trouble a lot.

The truth is I think you were testing us to see if we were worthy of your love and trust. Slowly and surely things settled. You became a part of our family, so much so, that I almost forget those early days. It's like you've always been here. I can't imagine a time without you.

You taught me one of the biggest lessons I've ever learned, not to give up on anyone and that love can heal pretty much anything. I'm so glad you fell into our family. I saw this picture of you and it threw me back to you and your first few months here.

You have grown up so much since this picture was taken. I think about going back in time and telling myself about the young man you would turn into. I'd tell myself to stay patient and not yell at you too much. I'd tell myself it would all turn out okay and that you would end up being one of our luckiest charms, just like those thumbs of yours.

You are amazing.
Xoxo mom ‪#‎50loveletters‬ ‪#‎loveheals‬

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