Love Letter #29 (50 Love Letters)

Monday, September 19, 2016

Dear M,

When you were little and we did the count off every night before dinner you would literally be the one missing from the table, every single time. One night after the bell rang and we realized you were missing, I went wandering down the hallway of the boys' bedrooms, frustrated because once again you hadn't shown up for dinner and when I got to your room I found you hanging off the top bunk bed upside down with your wrists turned up, swinging and flailing in the air. "I am Spider-Man. I am Spider-Man. I am Spider-Man" you chanted all by yourself as loud as you could in your best Spider-Man voice.

That story makes me laugh every time and I tell it when I try to explain the person you are. You have always been so happy and so content with no other company but yourself. You have a sparkle in your eye I can't explain. You are pure love and wonder all rolled up into one little boy who I'm watching grow just a little bigger and a little wiser each and everyday.

You are kind and warm and tender hearted to everyone in our family all the time. You are also really strong, both physically and emotionally. I'm pretty sure you hold the record for pull-ups on the pull up bar in our house and you've had a six pack since you were five. At school you've always managed to be liked by everyone and ‪stay out of trouble. The only complaints I get from your teachers are that you are "always daydreaming" in class and oh yah your handwriting is an issue too.

You are my dreamer.

I often look at you and wonder what you are dreaming about or what's going on in that head of yours. I've loved every minute of watching you grow from being a mischievous disappearing Spider-Man impersonating little boy to a kindhearted generous and funny young man. Always let your heart guide you and never ever stop dreaming.

You will always be my little Spider-Man. You are my superhero. I will always always love you with all my heart and every piece of my soul.

Love, mom
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